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Have friends that have been wanting to workout or want to introduce a friend to start working out? Sometimes a small push is all we need!

For the month of July, bring along up to 2 of your girlfriends (first timers only) and join us for a FREE* gym usage session


*Things to note:
– Limit to 2 friends per visit
– No walk-ins, only by appointment. Not applicable for class bookings
– The person bringing a friend along must be an existing member with Ark
– Your buddies should not be an existing member/have not bought any class and per entry passes from Ark before

Referral Benefits

Friends and family that sweat together, stays together

It’s always more fun to workout with someone! If you or your friend/family decides to embark their fitness journey with us at Ark, there will be referral benefits for the both of you!


As the referrer, you will be receiving $20 credits.
As the referee, your friend will be receiving $10 credits.


The credits would be used to off set next month’s subscription (e.g instead of paying $100, the referrer/referee will only be paying $80/$90 respectively).